Dissertation 4: Calypso to be investigated

millions of wordpress.com sites use Calypso

After the last meeting with Maria (superivisor) Kutar, it looks like:

  • I’ll consider the a11y of the new Calypso interface used for wordpress.com sites as well as the traditional WP-Admin dashboard.

It seems stupid not to; about 50% of WP sites use wordpress.com, so not considering this would be a big omission. Also: Matt Mullenweg has said that the new interface is the way forward, and they’re encouraging everyone to use it on self-hosted sites via the Jetpack plug-in.

refs: https://ma.tt/2015/11/dance-to-calypso/; https://ma.tt/2015/11/calypso-24-hours-later/; https://developer.wordpress.com/calypso/

So if it cometh to pass, that would mean:

  1. Automated and manual testing of a few pages from the Calypso interface
  2. Running ‘simple site’ tests for screen reader users with little/no previous WP experience.


Currently trawling through a few sites to get proper number for the number of WP sites, particularly the %age using wordpress.com hosted sites.

Peace out.

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