Dissertation 3 – September 24

Done nowt for a week and a bit following September’s meeting with Maria.

Here’s what I do after each meeting: go through notes (mine and hers) to draw out this month’s tasks and any interesting discussions, which I record in this blog. Sooner or later they’ll all coalesce so I understand what I’m doing 🙂

Here are some salient points coming from that meeting:


Focus on interplay between different target groups:

  • Screen reader users
  • WordPress users (endusers)
  • WP developers

This consideration should help me determine how to target different groups, how to determine ‘blocking’ questions etc.


Peter Wheeler is an experienced screen reader user who has never used WP; interesting to do a test with him using WP.
Could compare results with me performing the same tasks using a screen reader.

ie direct comparison between WP/no SR user against SR/no WP. Mmm……not sure about this.

My Intro

My intro. sort of got the initial aims the wrong way round.
The overall question – the main aim – focuses on the User Experience. This is supported by objectives – how accessibility compliance affects the UX, for example.

from MK:

Reframe so that the broader question is the overall RQ, followed by a small no of research aims about the things that you want to find out e.g. relationship between compliance and effectiveness (user experience) and objectives to help you to find this out e.g. to use code inspection techniques or automated analysis to establish if the WP admin interface is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant…



  • Web accessibility
  • Screenreader use/users’ behaviour
  • Accessibility testing

and from MK:

  • Psychology of Programming (see above)
  • End user computing
  • Attention Investment theory (Alan Saunders)


Saunders’ Research Onion

This month’s tasks:

  • Read/summarise 10 papers
  • Consider testing
  • Read Research Methods stuff
  • What is ‘Cognitive Dimensions’?
  • What is Attention Investment Theory?
  • What is Saunders’ Research Onion?
  • Continue to develop questions in light of reading


Final thought:

  • I’m going to use Evernote together with Mendeley to organise literature.
  • I’ll use tags within a single notebook: a11y; wordpress; testing etc etc
  • I’ll create a new note in Evernote for each paper I read
  • I’ll include the formatted citation from Mendeley (possibly as the note title)
  • I’ll try and attach the actual pdf to each note.
  • I’ll use the note to write thoughts about the paper.

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