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Mark is a long-standing member of staff at the University of Salford who is now undertaking a postgraduate degree at Salford Business School.

Mark is me.

I am studying MSc Information Systems Management. I have completed two modules (Digital Innovation; Project Management) and am now starting the third: Information Systems.

This blog will provide a platform for me to create a Digital ID and to submit assessed blog posts.

Here are some IS-related themes I may wish to explore; from the top of my head to the back of an envelope:

  • Google – turning information consumers into the product. Innovative market creation; Matrix #1
  • The right to be forgotten
  • Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft – rise of the machines, realisations of dystopic sci-fi nightmares. Matrix #2
  • Social media – tearing people apart or strengthening the bonds of community?
  • Ad-blocking – the death of free information or the beginning of an ethical Internet?

I work as a Digital Communications Officer at the University, so I make websites as part of the Digital Marketing team.

I spend most of my days developing and troubleshooting technologies like Twitter Bootstrap, Squiz Matrix CMS, Javascript and JQuery, CSS and HTML. I’m a WEB GUY.

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