Dissertation 2: September 9

Recent Actions – Questions

Written a first draft of questions to include in the survey.

They include areas such as:

  • Screenreader use
  • Experience of WordPress
  • Feelings about using WP overall
  • Questions about specific WP admin functions – options will range from ‘Works great’ to ‘Broken’ (in relation to using these functions with a screenreader)

Concerns about Data (etc)

I’ve recently been worried about a few thing. It’ll be interesting to see if writing this Introduction assuages any of these anxieties.

Here they are:

  • I won’t be able to find enough respondents with WP / screenreader experience. This, I think, is my main worry – there are plenty of screenreader users, but how many with WP experience will respond to the survey in the short time allotted.
  • My survey – and actually the whole study – is aimed at two types of user, and I’m concerned about using a single survey.:
    1. SR users who simply use WP as a platform for very simple functions, such as publishing content
    2. SR users who use WP to create more complex sites using the full range of Admin functions – menus, widgets, custom post types etc etc
  • These survey data concerns may be lessened as my data collection will probably be threefold:
    • Survey SR users
    • Elite interview(s) with sr/wp user and (?) wp/a11y expert
    • Measurement of WP Admin against AA guidelines

Next Action – Introduction Draft 1

About to write a first draft of the Introduction; supervisor has requested it be 500 words – BIP guidelines recommend about 1500 words, so this version will be an outline (and I won’t worry about word length much).

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